Our Equipemnt

The motorcycle:
Our Motorbikes are two Yamaha XTZ 660 built in 1992 and 1994 they have 38.000km and 49.000km when we started. We improved and prepared both machines ourselves to get to know them for the trip.

The Support:
Our taiwanese support comes from GIGABYTE Notebook. They were so helpful to sponsor us a netbook for our trip. The Touchnote T1028 is a Tablet PC as well with a usefull touchscreen. We can also use it for gps navigation and communication via skype for instance. For recharging we implemented a 12V plugging on our motorbike, with this installation we can recharge our technical devices like the Touchnote, mobile phones, walkie talkie, lamps, camera etc.

Most of our additional equipment we bought at several biker and outdoor shops. What we discovered in using the stuff, is shown in the upcoming list of our Top and Flop equipment.